Privacy Policy

We know how valuable and confidential your information is. Thus, we take certain measures to make sure that it never reaches the wrong hands.

First off, every policy at Trio Comet is made to be in accordance with the prevailing law and legislation. Since you trust us with your information when using our website, we also make sure that it stays safe and secure. We aim to be responsible when collecting and storing user information.

To value your privacy, Trio Comet NEVER shares personal data, information, or credentials with any third-party apps, websites, companies, brands, or agencies. So, details such as your name, email, phone number, address, and so on and so forth will stay only with us. Only Trio Comet would use this information to send you relevant offers, newsletters, deals, and discounts, as well as information about policies and upcoming products. We would never sell this data to a third party that might try to use this data to spam or scam you.

Furthermore, we collect your data for the following reasons:

  • To improve the technicalities of our website,
  • To improve the user experience,
  • To improve our customer service,
  • And to promote certain services to you.
  • In case we need to use your data for something else, we will ALWAYS ask for your consent before doing anything.

    However, Trio Comet is under a legal obligation to share your personal information if the law or the government requires us to do so.

    We try our best to keep every transaction and transmission secure. However, we cannot guarantee total safety, as no website on the internet is 100% safe from external threats. So, Trio Comet cannot guarantee the total security of your private data. If you wish to transmit data to us, you would be doing so at your own risk.

    Fortunately, if you wish to get your personal data or information deleted from our database, or if you wish to get anything updated, you can always reach out to us. We will be glad to help you out!



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